Ultimate TV – Case Study

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Client Background

Ultimate TVProgram: The Ultimate TV Tour

Client: Microsoft Ultimate TV
Agency: Seismicom

Program Type: Multi-Market Product Sampling, Mobile Marketing

Program Overview

The Ultimate TV tour has cruised through 11 markets including Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York City. Mobile units (one for each market) spend five days in each locale with Ford pickup trucks and 38′ custom trailers that unfolded into demonstration living rooms filled with TVs and other digital gadgets (see July 1, 2001 Promo Magazine), UTV custom motorcycles and UTV sidecars.


Warehousing & Shipping: Each Market Manager researched and secured storage facilities to accommodate the trucks, trailers and all event materials. Premiums (driver photograph cards, magnets, pens) and event materials were shipped to these locations to the attention of the managers.

Staff Requirements: Provide one Market Manager and one Assistant Manager for each of 11 cities. 6 to 8 Staffers educate consumers on Ultimate TV, which let users record and pause live television and access the Internet. Staff uniforms included T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and jackets.

Event Materials: Event signage, sweepstakes entry forms/box, VideoToss it in and U Win Game, backboard, garbage cans, videotapes, digital camera, Polaroid camera/frames/film, TV “Flipbooks,” decal stickers, flyers, and shopping bags.

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