Fuel Energy – Case Study

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Client Background

Fuel Energy LogoClient: TwinLab 
Agency: Legacy Marketing

Program Type: Product Sampling

Program Overview

We were contracted by Legacy Marketing Partners to provide managers and Sampling Teams for Twin Labs Energy Fuel drinks. This was a three Market Test Program that targeted college students during final exam periods, strategically hitting dorms, study zones, sporting events and night clubs. We also set up at scheduled retail event at GNC Stores throughout each market.


Secured warehousing in each market. Local distributors provided product as needed. Drop shipments of event materials were sent directly to storage facilities. Most supplies were purchased in-market.

Staff RequirementsWe provided three Market Managers and up to 10 samplers to distribute samples in high-traffic locations that were secured in cooperation with our managers and distributors as well as tie-ins with local events in the campus areas. Market Managers secured storage facilities, rental trucks and ice in each market and traveled branded SUV’s. All staffers were uniformed in product-branded T-shirts and hats, backpacks and custom coolers on wheels.

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