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Client Background

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Program Type: Guerilla / Street Teams Sticker Distribution Program

Program Overview

We recruited qualified market managers to identify movie theaters and schedule teams in 16 markets to disseminate Harry Potter / EA games rave Sticker Cards, targeting 8-12 year-olds to encourage purchases of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone videogame that lets you “Be Harry Potter at Hogwarts.”


Warehousing & Shipping:
Managers received shipments and handled inventory and return shipping of event materials.

Staff Requirements:
One Market Manager/Team Leader and four staff for each of the 16 markets over the pre-Thanksgiving weekend (the record-breaking film’s opening weekend). Teams disseminated the rave sticker cards to crowds excited to be a part of the Harry Potter Experience and thrill of opening weekend. Event recaps and digital photos were e-mailed to the client after each event day.

Event Materials:
Event materials included the rave sticker cards and branded satchel bags and hats/shirts. Uniforms included an EA hat and sticker card distribution from an EA mail bag.


“Under short notice, Street Teams USA was hired to help Electronic Arts generate awareness for the new Harry Potter video game. Tasked with disseminating over 250,000 stickers in 16 markets opening weekend of the movie, the teams went above and beyond working with the theaters and reaching the target 8-12 demographic as desired. Five stars for Jim’s efforts and professionalism to gather the teams and ensure the appropriate message was communicated throughout the markets. P.S. Just so you know we sold 7.5 MM units in the first two months of the launch!”

Alison Ross – Promotions Manager

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