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Burger King

Client Background

Burger King

In 2012 Burger King underwent their biggest revamping since the chain opened in 1954. They overhauled their stores and menu and targeted a much broader audience with many healthy menu choices. This was a $750 million dollar rebranding campaign.

Burger King launched a star-studded TV ad campaign and introduced frappés, fruit smoothies, speciality salads and snack wraps.

Program Overview

In early 2012 we were selected to provide event scheduling, staffing and management and reporting for an ongoing nationwide food sampling campaign. Our teams would perform daily mobile sampling campaigns of Burger King Smoothies  out of branded and refrigerated custom food service trucks. The was to run throughout each metropolitan market and to run from April through June, 2012, in 19 markets concurrently .

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York

San Francisco
Washington, DC


From our event staffing database of over 4,000 brand ambassadors we selected 120 of our most seasoned and outstanding staff and managers. We chose experienced drivers and servers with bright young and healthy faces and personalities.

We provided sampling at over 500 events and distributed 3 million coupons and samples.

We created a master daily event schedule across each of the 19 markets. We analyzed the respective event schedules for each of the cities, identified all of the top traffic events to in which to participate, and secured all necessary permitting. These events ranged from festivals, fairs, concerts and conferences to major sporting events, shopping districts, high traffic walking districts, and large transit centers.

Working with the vehicle branding and outfitting company, we scheduled our vehicle pick-up’s, performed our team trainings, and set our daily stocking, performance, and reporting routines.


Burger King NYSE

It was a very exciting, satisfying and demanding, experience working with Burger King through this extensive campaign.

We exceeded our distribution goals for the program and helped Burger King to introduce these new menu items through creating personal brand connections with tens of thousands of consumers.

Burger King’s sales of the sampled new menu items increased 18% during the promotional period.

The culmination of Burger King’s revamping took place on June 20, 2012 with their re-listing on the New York Stock Exchange, and Street Teams USA was there.

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