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Client Background

Axe Body Spray LogoCollege Marketing Tour

Client: Walton Isaacson

Program Type: PR Stunts

Program Overview

Campus Program: We worked directly with Walton Issacson on a unique “stunt” request for Axe Body Spray to provide managers and promotional teams on 15 college campuses throughout the U.S and Hawaii in conjunction with the “Bom Chica Wah Wah” campaign, spring 2007. The campus program was unique in that it required reliable managers that could identify strategic locations on and around student housing and student centers. Our teams were tasked with timely staging mostly “trees” with branded premiums so students would be “wowed” as they walked from their housing or classrooms. Staging of these stunts took place during late night hours in order create a major buzz…

Construction Program: Following the Campus Program we were tasked with securing 12 rock solid market managers and attractive female actors/models to portray construction workers over a two week period in June/July, 2007. Our managers were flown to WI headquarters for extensive training and returned to their markets to identify and secure strategic locations for staging this unique themed event. We performed logistics including securing permits, trucks, event materials, scheduling the models, as well as daily reporting.


Staff Requirements:

Campus Program- 15 campuses. 1 manager/team leader and 4 promotional assistants per campus.

Construction Program- 12 markets. 1 manager and four models per market.

We provided client with photos and resumes of each manager model and promotional assistants for final approval via our client access page of our web site as well as daily reporting and photo documentation.

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