AT&T Wireless MLife – Case Study

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Client Background

AT&T MLifeClient: Edelman Worldwide (for AT&T Wireless)
Agency: SURGE at Draft Worldwide

Program: mLife (AT&T Wireless) brand awareness program
Program Type: Guerilla Premium Sampling, Market Stunts

Program Overview

Supported by print and TV ads running in eight markets (LA, SF, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, NYC, Washington D.C.), we were hired to help implement a teaser campaign to communicate the tag line “mlife”. (For security, even we were not informed that AT&T was the client and this was all leading up to their Super Bowl ad.) We handled guerilla sampling for brochures and premiums, and performing simple market “stunts” to get attention. The goal was to get people to see mlife everywhere and ask, “what is mlife” or “where can I get an mlife?” Staff were prepped to answer these questions correctly, with zen-like phrases like, “all will be revealed” and “good things come to those who wait patiently.”


Warehousing & Shipping:
Was arranged short term in each market, using FedEx to send program materials in this short event window. E-mail was a key source of daily updates/communication: all managers were set up to send event recaps and digital photos after each event day.

Staff Requirements:
We provided one Market Manager/Team Leader and up to 10 team members per market who hit the streets for a five-day stretch leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. Our sampling teams distributed mlife brochures in high traffic and everyday locations like cluster areas, restaurants, sporting events, outside concerts, pay phones, galleries, etc., as well as high-profile places like outside the David Letterman show, outside trendy/popular nightclubs and restaurants, hip neighborhoods, outside a movie premiere, Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, etc. Staff submitted daily reports, plus timesheets and photos–which were outstanding.

Event Materials:
About 100,000 small brochures per market, premiums included smaller quantities of stickers, coasters, T-shirts, and stress-balls. SURGE also provided mlife signs, hand-painted tee shirts, umbrellas, slickers and other special props.

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